The Pitmaster's Secret Six Pack Gift Box

The Pitmaster's Secret Six Pack Gift Box
The Pitmaster's Secret Six Pack Gift Box

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Melvin’s BBQ Pitmaster’s Secret Six Pack Gift Box


Baste with Charleston SC’s original BBQ sauces and dry rubs. Select 3 flavors of Melvin’s BBQ sauces and 3 Melvin’s BBQ Dry Rubs to personalize your Secret Six Pack.


Melvin’s Original Golden Secret Sauce

The original- invented in 1933 by Joe Bessinger (the patriarch of mustard based BBQ). This Unique tangy mustard sauce is a SC BBQ heirloom.


Melvin’s Southern Hickory BBQ Sauce-

Mustard Based BBQ sauce infused with smoked hickory flavor.

(All natural and gluten free).


Melvin’s Southern Red BBQ Sauce-

Savory tomato based BBQ sauce that is both tangy and sweet.


Melvin’s Spicy Golden Secret BBQ Sauce-

Golden Secret with a kick. Habanero chilies add heat to the original mustard based Sauce.


Melvin’s BBQ Dry Rubs

Created by 3rd Generation Pitmaster Melvin David Bessinger-

Spice up your next BBQ with Melvin’s authentic dry rubs. You don’t have to be a carnivore to enjoy. Try a dash on eggs, soups, salads, corn on the cob, potatoes, or roasted vegetables.  


Melvin’s BBQ Dry Rub Shake-

The Original Melvin’s Dry Rub shake-

Sweet and Smoky 


Melvin’s BBQ Original Rib Rub-

Legendary flavors, newly released.

The stickum that made Melvin’s BBQ Ribs Renowned.


Melvin’s BBQ Original Brisket Rub-

Newly released from Melvin’s BBQ Pit to yours.

Hot off the fire Brisket flavors will take you to SC and Texas at the same time.


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