14 022019

For the Love of Melvin’s BBQ

The roles played by the sweethearts of Melvin’s BBQ, are primarily supportive, but not inconsequential to David Bessinger. “My Mother, Betty and my wife, Debbie are not just the backbone of our family, they are the backbone of Melvin’s BBQ”.

31 122018

Charleston Hoppin John is Essential to Ring in New Year’s in the South

The new year does not begin in the south without a bowl of Charleston Hoppin John. Tales surrounding the origins of Hoppin John are mystical and controversial. Even the spelling of the old Charleston receipt varies among Southerners. The promise of good fortune that cowpeas and rice represent on New Year’s however is grounded. Cowpeas symbolize coins on Southern New Year’s plates. Some sticklers actually plate the

21 122018

Best Pork tenderloin recipe for traditional Christmas dinner

  [caption id="attachment_48" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The family after enjoying Pork tenderloin Christmas Dinner prepared by Melvin's daughter in law, Debbie Bessinger[/caption]   The best Christmas menus are founded by tradition. From the kitchen of Melvin's daughter in law, Debbie Bessinger- this red currant pork tenderloin recipe has been a staple at her family's Christmas table

17 122018

Melvin’s BBQ owner, Melvin David Bessinger sheds light on recent article published in the Post and Courier

[caption id="attachment_30" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Brothers Thomas (left) and Melvin Bessinger work at grill (Charleston Evening Post, June 30, 1976)[/caption]   As the owner and operator of Melvin’s BBQ, and a native of Charleston, SC, I wish to shed light on a recent article (regarding the Mendes family restaurants) published in the Post and Courier on

07 062017

South Carolina’s 1st Stick Burner Jambo Pit

Any BBQ Pit Master knows the Jambo Pit is top of the line! We are so excited to unveil South Carolina's 1st "Stick Burner" Jambo Pit at Melvin's Legendary Barbecue in Mount Pleasant. Made in Texas, by Jamie Greer, the Jambo Pit is the Cadillac of all 9ft smokers. When Jamie first started designing and