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It all started in 1939... when my grandfather, Big Joe, traded a cow and a mule for a diner in the Lowcountry and created the 1st mustard based barbecue sauce. After serving in WWII, my father Melvin brought the family secret to Charleston, SC where Melvin's 4th generation "heirloom recipe" barbecue sauce is a local favorite.

Want to sell our legendary sauces and rub in your retail location? Melvin's not only provides wholesale pricing to larger retailers such as Publix, Harris Teeter, and Lowe's Grocery, but also serves small mom n' pop operations and restaurants that would like to use our products. Whether you are looking to bring South Carolina's original mustard based barbecue sauce to your location or one of our other legendary flavors, our sauces and dry rub are sure to be a customer favorite!

052945816253 12 / 12 FLUID OZ Bottles Melvin’s Original Golden Secret Sauce 112
052945816352 12 / 12 FLUID OZ Bottles Melvin’s Spicy Golden Secret Sauce 112
052945816314 12 / 12 FLUID OZ Bottles Melvin’s Southern Red Sauce 112
052945216284 12 / 12 FLUID OZ Bottles Melvin’s Southern Hickory Sauce 112
052945816321 12 / 6.02 FLUID OZ Bottles Melvin’s Dry Rub Shake 144

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